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3 Things to Focus on Now

What Should You Be Doing Differently Right Now?

The Institute for Supply Management reports that U.S. manufacturers are gaining optimism about sales, spending and hiring for 2012. Their semiannual forecast based on the groupís factory survey indicates that sales will grow by 5.5 percent. As the overall recovery gains more traction, the future of manufacturing in the U.S. economy will continue to be influenced by forces such as technology and globalization that have been reshaping manufacturing over the last several decades The key question to ask right now is "What should you be doing to capitalize on the recovery?" Here are 3 things that all manufacturers should focus on now:


Product innovation is the master key to success. Entrepreneurs with the ability to develop and commercialize new products that speak to customer needs will be the next leaders in our economy. Investments in new product development should be [more . . .]

Supply Chain Efficiency

The supply chain has lengthened considerably due to the global environment we operate in today, producing challenges that make it difficult to control all the activities related to the supply chain. But working with participants in your supply chain as partners to eliminate waste, solve problems and create efficiencies reduces [more . . .]

Supplier Communication

Improving supplier relationships remains one of the top supply chain management priorities for manufacturers and distributors today. In the traditional supply chain, steps in the development, production and delivery of the product to the end-user were completed in silos with little or no communication or cooperation between or among the parties involved. That model has [more . .]

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