A Christmas Message From The President (December 2014) Back A Christmas Message From The President (December 2014)

To Our Valued Employees, Suppliers and Customers,
The Christmas season is upon us, which signifies the end of yet another year. We are extremely appreciative of the new relationships that have been forged during 2014.  We are also very thankful for all our customers and suppliers, both old and new, who have played a role in making 2014 our biggest year on record. Managing the business growth this past year has been very challenging at times.  This Customer driven “make to order” world in which we operate, ensures that last minute demands and ever-changing schedules are a normalcy in manufacturing.  We try diligently to meet each and every client need when and wherever possible.  We also strive to be upfront and forthright in advising our clients of unexpected delays in schedules.

Reflecting over the past 12 months, I can think of time after time when we have accomplished the near impossible for our clients– helping them meet their customers’ aggressive demands and revenue opportunities. Unfortunately, whether due to our own error or most often due to conditions imposed by others, there have been isolated instances where we did not meet our commitments and ultimately disappointed a faithful customer. While we are not perfect, I can say with confidence that any failure was not due to any lack of concern or effort behalf of our team.  I sincerely appreciate EVERY team member here at Accu-Fab for the outstanding effort they exhibit each day.  With every challenge this year, from countless late night and weekend hours worked by salaried staff, to maintaining a 10% average hourly overtime run-rate, the Accu-Fab TEAM has risen to higher and higher levels of performance.

Blessed beyond measure, I am thankful for the opportunity to begin our facility expansion and also thankful for the available resources that allow us to significantly expand our manufacturing capabilities through the acquisition of new equipment.  We continue to reinvest in an effort to better support the valuable customers who continue to rely on us.  I am blessed most of all to be in community with the great team members here at Accu-Fab who believe in our corporate mission, to have the support of great suppliers, and to work for faithful clients who consider Accu-Fab a valued business partner. We, along with all our domestic partners, are fortunate to live in a great country that is protected by the brave men and women of the US Military who represent our founding values both at home and around the world.  As US citizens, we experience a feeling of peace and freedom each day that many around the world will never know.  We often take for granted the fact that we are protected from persecution and dangers many in this world must face every day.

In these closing days of 2014, I reflect with great satisfaction on our business relationships and successful projects completed; but most of all as the Christmas season approaches, I stop to reflect on the “JOY” that I have each day. A few will surely consider my expression of personal beliefs and convictions to be politically incorrect, but my JOY has been guaranteed by the life, death and resurrection of that special child, whose birth we celebrate each Christmas.  The hope that I share, is the hope that this special JOY is experienced by all this Holiday Season!!!  I pray for great blessings in 2015 for all our associates, suppliers and customers.  I thank you for your fellowship, your support, and your business this past year.  May 2015 be a year full of joy and prosperity for each and every one!

Merry Christmas, 
Gregory W. Page