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Accu-Fab, Inc. provides contract manufacturing services, supply chain management, design engineering, and more to major corporations internationally. Capable of meeting the most demanding customer specifications, in-house manufacturing capabilities include precision metal fabrication, stamping, machining, decorative finishing, screen printing, and assembly integration.

Excellence in Contract Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management, Design Engineering, and More

Founded on Christian principles, Accu-Fab’s reputation is built on strong customer relationships. These relationships grow out of respect for the customer and our understanding of the changing nature of their business. We work diligently to maintain our world-class prominence through growth and technology, while dedicating ourselves to honesty and integrity: delivering what we promise by following through on our commitments. The strength of our company, from top to bottom, can be seen by our customers in our ability to manage lead times, inventory supply, and product cost.

When you choose Accu-Fab, you can count on respect, trust, and loyalty, as well as an accessible and involved management staff. For those who are considering a project with our company, we welcome the opportunity to serve you, and we guarantee you’ll find Accu-Fab to be a unique company with which to do business.