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The five elements of Accu-Fab’s Customer Service Policy enhance team efforts to ensure that all contract manufacturing, product design, supply chain management, and other customers are guaranteed excellence across the board when working with Accu-Fab. Those elements are:


  • On-Time Deliveries

Orders will be processed and delivered according to the schedule promised to the customer, accompanied with clear, accurate shipping and billing information.

  • Prompt and Accurate Response

All inquiries will be handled with a spirit of urgency to ensure that pricing, inventory, or process information is delivered to the appropriate person.

  • Easy Business Transactions

Processes, procedures, and a style of doing business will be developed to ensure optimum efficiency for the customer. We will find ways to make our customers’ business easier while striving to be easy to work with.

  • Proactive Communication

We will make sure that customers are updated with accurate information concerning the status of their orders.

  • Respect for the Customer

Employees will approach all customer contacts from a position of respect, service, flexibility, truthfulness, cooperation, and friendliness.