Accu-Fab Announces Expansion (September 2014) Back Accu-Fab Announces Expansion (September 2014)

ACCU-FAB is ecstatic to announce we have finally broken ground on our new 25,000 square foot building expansion.  After 3 months of permitting delays, due to city, state and federal regulatory red tape and bureaucracy, we are excited to finally set our construction plans in motion with occupancy scheduled in this new space by the end of year!

site layout photo 3








The addition of almost 25% more manufacturing floor space will allow us to implement the final stages of a completely new facility layout which began taking shape almost one year ago. The reorganization and new plant layout is designed to provide the best possible cellular manufacturing flow and provided much needed space for lean process implementation and   dedicated material kanbans.  Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook as we keep you posted on the construction progress.