Accu-Fab Continues the “LEAN” Focus (January 2010) Back Accu-Fab Continues the “LEAN” Focus (January 2010)

Accu-Fab continues to focus on “LEAN Manufacturing” techniques as a daily means of doing business. Below is an example of just one of the many work areas which have been developed to support value streams that truly bring “value” to our customers. This final assembly area is designed to assemble any one of twelve (12) customer base frames on demand when pulled by our customer’s assembly line. Shown on the right is another final assembly area that is integrated into a control cabinet value stream. This value stream fulfills a mix of 10 cabinet P/Ns and 53 discrete component P/Ns based on our customer’s weekly production schedule.

Replenishment of internally-manufactured components are accomplished using Kan Ban systems, while misc. purchased components are replenished on demand by Accu-Fab’s sub-tier suppliers. The application of these manufacturing and part-fulfillment techniques continue to streamline our operations and provide savings to our customers by reducing inventories and increasing the effectiveness and timeliness of product flow.