COVID-19 Operational Update (March 2020) Back COVID-19 Operational Update (March 2020)

Due to the unprecedented situation related to the COVID-19 virus, we wanted to share communication as to the plans Accu-Fab (AFI) has implemented to address the various operational challenges, identified. Like most companies we continue to monitor the situation and follow the guidelines issued by CDC, Federal, State and local officials. Our first and foremost concerns are the health, safety and wellbeing of our employees, suppliers and customers.

The virus situation has had no impact to-date on our manufacturing capabilities, supply chain or our ability to deliver product to our customers.  We have no immediate concern at present with our ability to sustain manufacturing capabilities, the possible exception being certain national circumstances that would likely equally impact our Customer’s consumption/demand.

Accu-Fab has created a plan which is comprehensive, but also fluid. We are reviewing in real-time all protective measures implemented. As circumstances dictate, we will revise and make policy or procedural changes expeditiously.

COVID-19 Pro-active measures

  1. Limit assembly of persons
    1. Re-assigned workspaces AFI has the good fortune of ample administrative space and work center resources.  Administrative Staff members have been re-assigned workspaces which will maximize separation between office work centers
    2. Staggered work hours, breaks and lunches: Internal scheduling changes have greatly diminished concentration of workers who use our various building facilities
    3. Fitness / exercise program suspended
    4. Internal meetings: All non-mission critical internal meetings have been cancelled or are now being conducted internally using remote meeting technology
    5. Daily production meeting format has been altered to maximize employee safety.
  2. Working Remotely:  Where prudent, we have identified administrative staff that will be allowed to work remotely, if required.
    1. New Remote Business Server: For numerous years we have maintained the IT capabilities to support remote working. However, as of March 25th (6 business days), a new remote access server will be deployed, substantially expanding this technological scope and capability.
  3. HousekeepingWhile to-date there are NO documented cases of virus transmission from service contact.  AFI has implemented robust maintenance and housekeeping measures to sterilize surfaces frequently used by multiple individuals, i.e. phones, machine controls, vending machines, microwaves, doorknobs, fitness equipment, etc.
  4. NO non-mission critical visitors – NO visiting
    1. All business meetings with vendors and/or customers will be held via telephone and video conferencing
    2. Limited access for Delivery and shipments:
      1. US mail, UPS, Freight Carriers etc. deliveries/shipments shall be executed in a manner to minimize person to person contact within 6’ of any employee.
      2. All truck drivers for freight shall be asked to remain in their truck
      3. US mail and Bank Courier packages shall be picked up by the front door from a deposit/exchange location located more than 6’ from front desk personnel.
    3. Limited Facility Access: Barricades and signage are in place at front door and two rear service entrance areas, preventing unauthorized access.
    4. Mission critical vendor service: Access to the facility by NON-AFI employees shall only be granted on a case by case basis, when determined to be “mission critical” to operations.  Visitors shall require executive management approval to enter the plant.  Outside service personnel will be provided facility access and workspace to conduct service procedures with minimal direct contact with AFI personnel.  An AFI protocol for visiting personnel will be provided prior to entrance to provide guidelines on how we shall limit and control personnel interaction.
  5. Notification of ANY Occurrence of COVID-19 Virus Exposure: All employees are required to report any sickness and not report to our office or a customer’s facility if they have any symptoms that could potentially put others at risk. We ask our customers, who require service visits or who we have recently visited, to please report any known/presumed COVID-19 cases with which our personnel may have come in contact; this will allow all of us to be transparent about the potential of any spread.
  6. Immediate Self-quarantine Requirement: Any Employee exhibiting flu-like symptoms will be required to go home or stay home & call a doctor or clinic.
  7. Communication, Social distancing and personal travel  For everyone’s safety AFI is aggressively  communicating up-to-date CDC information to all employees. We are also requesting each employee to significantly restrict personal travel and engagement in activities which would put anyone, including themselves, at risk of exposure to virus infection. We are recommending a self-quarantine practice whenever practical both internally and externally to our company.

We have always thought of Accu-Fab as a big family, with our customers and suppliers as an extension of our family.  While we sincerely pray that conditions change very soon, we also pray that we all continue to stay safe and healthy.  Accu-Fab will be vigilant and aggressively take measures to protect us all.  You can rest assured we will be diligently working to support our customers and ensure supply chain continuity.

Gregory W. Page