Accu-Fab, Inc. Continues to Innovate! (July 2021) Back Accu-Fab, Inc. Continues to Innovate! (July 2021)

Continuing On the Path to Paperless

In a business climate with ever-evolving challenges, Accu-Fab drives forward with innovation, striving to always provide top-of-the-line support to our customers and partners.

Our paperless documentation system (PDS) remains the primary focus for all technological advances. This mobile command center is present on all machines/work centers in the plant and we continue to enhance its functionality and capabilities.

The newest PDS software modules provide employees access to:

  • All ISO documentation, policies and procedures
  • Instant business and quality analytics
  • HR portal access – time, attendance and vacation scheduling
  • Finish department – process control and scheduling

Check Out One of Our PDS Units

In addition to the features above, our PDS provides operators and all Accu-Fab associates with:

  • Business Revenue Goals, Projections and Real-time Performance
  • Work Order Information and Component/Process Specifications
  • Floor Labor Reporting and Operator Efficiency
  • Quality Reporting and Performance Metrics
  • Internal Engineering Change Activity
  • Continuous improvement Activity
  • Internal Activities scheduled
  • MSDS & Safety reporting
  • AFI news of Interest
  • New Job postings