Accu-Fab Investing in Welding Excellence (July 2006) Back Accu-Fab Investing in Welding Excellence (July 2006)

frame3Quality and excellence are of utmost importance to Accu-Fab. In support of this, Accu-Fab has taken an important step to assure MIG and TIG welding excellence in our shop. For years, the standards for effective welding have been maintained and administered by the American Welding Society (AWS). Accu-Fab recently brought the Regional Director of the American Welding Society to our facility to certify our welding team to AWS D1.3 standards.

Each of our welders completed multiple MIG and TIG test welds on different materials. These test welds included square groove butt joint welds, flare welds, and fillet welds performed in vertical, uphill, and downhill directions, as well as horizontal and overhead positions.

The test welds were judged for appearance, reinforcement, cracks, and undercut. Destructive testing was performed to test weld strengths and to check for voids. We are pleased to report that our entire welding team passed these tests and are now “AWS Certified” welders.