Accu-Fab is Making Inventory Easy (AUGUST 2022) Back Accu-Fab is Making Inventory Easy (AUGUST 2022)

Maintaining accurate inventory records has a special place in the hearts of every individual who has managed product inventory. For the majority of these individuals, the exercise of a “Physical Inventory count” makes them cringe. Accu-Fab still counts parts multiple times per year, but we have made the effort 10X more efficient with the use of product barcoding and a systematic cycle count process.

Integrated into our Paperless Documentation System (PDS), Accu-Fab developed a barcode labeling system that allows us to track our parts, work orders, and raw material inventory with ease.

It starts with a unique barcode label placed on every raw material item (or storage container) in inventory. Raw materials are given color-coated/barcode labels based on material type (cold/ hot rolled steel, galvanized, stainless, aluminum, etc); allowing our team to allocate the correct material for each work order with a visual reference.

It gets even better! As raw material begins to be processed, the pallets are then barcoded with customer name, part numbers, work order numbers, quantities, and each operation the part requires. This level of detail is vital in order to keep track of where parts are to be located, where parts need to go next –  identifying the proper storage location for all work in process.  Each time product is moved, these labels are scanned into our updating our PDD system with the latest process and quantity information. 

Having the ability to track all parts being processed and their location allows our manufacturing and administration team to have real-time information on all product as it progresses through our plant. In turn, our customer service team is able to communicate accurate delivery information to our customers for optimal planning purposes.

We cannot be happier with the way our inventory management and product control systems have progressed in recent years utilizing the latest in barcode label, scanning and tracking technology!