Accu-Fab Wishes You a Merry Christmas! (December 2019) Back Accu-Fab Wishes You a Merry Christmas! (December 2019)

To our Valued Employees, Customers and Suppliers

There is so much to be thankful for as we approach the Christmas holiday season and stop to reflect on another year quickly coming to an end.

2019 has been a year of transition operationally for Accu-Fab. Our company, along with most manufacturing companies, was blessed with an enormous ramp in demand 2017-2018.  Much time and resources were spent digesting the prior two years +70% growth. With the bustling and much improved economy continuing in most business sectors, we have seen a tremendous benefit in our business from various policies and legislation invoked by the current government administration in support of American Manufacturing.

In response to all this business activity and the promise of sustained growth, Accu-Fab made significant investments in machinery and human resources this past year.  The downside to the extremely low unemployment rate and the significant boost in our US economy since President Trump took office is the challenge we now face locating and securing talent in many key areas.

As we move into 2020 and the uncertainty another election year brings, we are forecasting some slowdown in manufacturing demand.  This draw back in investment is not to be unexpected.  US investors and business leaders typically pause expansion plans until confidence is rebuilt following election results. The assurance of a favorable and pro-business economic climate with the re-election of President Trump should boost investor confidence to drive another 4 years of growth. Whether or not you like the President’s personality or politics, America is certainly flourishing as never before under this administration’s policies.

The busyness of life, daily responsibilities and the trappings of the “world” can easily distract our focus from spiritual matters of eternal significance. However, the Christmas season always brings about an opportune time to reflect on matters more important than business, the economy and politics.  The Christmas we celebrate is not about money, machinery or acquiring more stuff!   It is the holiday that represents the beginnings of a new covenant with God, the birth of Jesus Christ.  The celebration is really about forgiveness of sin, a relationship with God, and eternal life.

Humanity tries to complicate the simplicity of the Christmas message.   Some reject the authenticity and significance of events that happened centuries ago.  But the message is simple.  Truth can be found in scripture by all who seek answers to their questions with open minds about life’s meaning, your purpose and ultimate individual destiny.  My prayer is that you will find time during the hustle and bustle of this holiday season to reflect on these spiritual truths and find out for yourself the real meaning of the Christmas Season – we now celebrate.

Merry Christmas and may you and your family have a wonderful and prosperous New Year!

Gregory W. Page