Accu-Fab Wishes You a Merry Christmas! (December 2020) Back Accu-Fab Wishes You a Merry Christmas! (December 2020)

For over 25 years, as the holidays approach, I have stopped to write a note of thanksgiving and encouragement while also providing a challenge to our company’s valued associates, friends, customers and suppliers.  Never have I done so with such mixed emotions, however; I feel blessed as we yet again are ending a prosperous year amid a pandemic, of all things.  Despite enormous social and political controversy, we remain hopeful for another promising year in 2021.  Global Trade and economic policies which were put in place by the current administration aimed to address many inequalities in trade, environmental, and business restrictions have dramatically improved the manufacturing sector’s outlook.

As I write this letter, controversy continues to revolve around the realities of COVID 19 and the American political election process. Yet I remain comforted that God of Creation is still in control! No rulers have ever been empowered without His approval. No events or circumstance are beyond His control.  He is, has always been, and remains a God of patience, mercy, love and forgiveness.  

Of course, as we celebrate this coming Christmas Holiday, we participate in a celebration of the birth of Jesus.  As Christians, we know His birth was a gift from the Father to create a pathway for our eternal life.  Through the well documented life and teachings of Jesus, His crucifixion, death and resurrection; we come to know the pathway that has been created by God.  Jesus suffered so that we could be spared the judgement “we deserve”.  By belief in Jesus’s sacrifice on the cross and through confession of sin, we can receive forgiveness and a new eternal life that can begin for everyone – NOW.  The gospel truth is simple, even though our secular culture tries to make it seem complex and unbelievable.  However, only Christ can fulfil the longing for eternal life and provide the peace of knowing our future is secure.

While tribulations abound that include many situations of personal strife and troubles;  God is aware of all of these issues and He has paved the way for eternal life and the ultimate relief from all pain and suffering.  It is my hope that each of you receive peace in these unprecedented times through the gift of salvation and individual purpose found only in Jesus Christ. 

With a thankful heart, I wish Merry Christmas to all with prayers for a joyful and prosperous New Year,

Gregory W. Page