Accu-Fab’s 2014 Employee of the Year (February 2015) Back Accu-Fab’s 2014 Employee of the Year (February 2015)

DK has been an Accu-Fab employee for over four years. During that time, he has consistently proven himself as an important and valuable asset to our team. By aggressively attacking and succeeding at every challenge he is faced with, DK has demonstrated he is instrumental to the success of our assembly operations.

Never intimidated by new technology, his efforts this past year mastering the operation of the new Kern Laser ensured the successful completion of the SHARK value stream. His proficiency with Alcatel, MinuteKey, Danaher, and Hubbell clearly show a great command of all the assembly processes and enables him to train other team members on the intricacies of each product.

He is always willing to help out whenever and wherever asked, and always does so with a smile. DK’s work ethic, commitment, and dedication make us grateful to have him onboard and proud that he has chosen to be associated with our company.

On behalf of all the employees, thank you for your commitment and dedication. We are honored to deem you the ACCU-FAB, INC. 2014 Employee of the Year
Accu-Fab’s 2014 Employee of the Year