Accu-Fab’s Building Expansion Update (November 2014) Back Accu-Fab’s Building Expansion Update (November 2014)

On Friday November 21st, our construction team poured the concrete foundation and slab for the 25,000 square foot building expansion we have underway. Beginning at 2AM, concrete trucks began steadily making their rounds to and from the concrete plant for almost 22 hours until 600 yards of concrete had been pumped and poured into place. Work went on throughout the day and into the night as the crew completed the final surface finishing around midnight.

We are extremely thankful that the weather cooperated, as we continue moving forward with our building project. Stay tuned for more update of our progress! With the projected expansion completion in 1Q 2015; our team is excitedly making plans to utilize this space to improve our production “Flow”, better enabling us to respond to growth and accommodate our customers’ needs! For more photos/updates on our progress, check out us out on Facebook!

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