Celebrating Accu-Fab’s Expansion (August 2015) Back Celebrating Accu-Fab’s Expansion (August 2015)

expansion 2015

What began as a dream, turned into a goal when Gregg Page, President of Accu-Fab, combined Can-Do Tooling and Accu-Fab, Inc. into a new 100,000 sqft. facility in 2000.  Strategically assembling an associate team that wanted to share in this dream, by 2014 the original blueprints were called back to light.

Without further ado, Accu-Fab is proud to announce that we have FINALLY completed our first manufacturing expansion installment with a 25,000 sqft addition.  This is a very exciting time for Accu-Fab, and we couldn’t have done it without each one of our valued business partners.

Schedule delays were inflicted upon us from unimaginable angles – notably, North Carolina’s local & federal bureaucracy – but we’re enthusiastically re-energized by that rhetorical shining light at the end of the tunnel. As we continue occupancy of our new expansion, we felt it was important to take a moment to say Thank You –  We are so grateful for all of your patience and support during this rather complex endeavor.  

Since our move-in day in April, we’ve worked diligently to transition to our new plant layout design.  The additional square footage has created many opportunities, including: 

– Increased capacity 
– The ability to LEAN out our processes and product lines 
– Throughput and flow improvements
–  More room for new equipment/technology INVESTMENTS

Stay tuned next month to see our latest addition to our capabilities! You can also check out our Facebook page for a “spoiler” if you JUST can’t wait that long!! 

august 2015