Easter Greetings From Our President (April 2020) Back Easter Greetings From Our President (April 2020)


As Easter approaches, we find our nation in a period of uncertainty.  Rather than a time of celebration, you may instead be feeling disconnected. Dealing with the effects and impact of the pandemic on our lives and the lives of our friends and family is difficult; health and financial concerns are most likely on the top of our prayer list.  With family routines and previous plans for the Easter Holiday all disrupted, in the midst of all this uncertainty, it is extremely tempting to let anxiety, dread, and worry take over.

It is important, however, to remember THIS coronavirus pandemic WILL end!  In the meantime, we all need to do our part to protect ourselves and those around us by continuing good social distancing practices.  Use this time to be constructive, build relationships with our families, and find ways to strengthen and grow personally.  A more positive perspective will surly reduce the urge to succumb to fear and anxiety!

It should be comforting to STOP and remember who is in control during these troubled times. Not the virus, but our creator and Lord!    Whether you find yourself this Easter held up in your house, in your backyard, or watching an online Easter service, I encourage you to find a quiet moment to celebrate the resurrection of Christ our Savior. 

What is this Easter message of the resurrection? On Easter Sunday we celebrate Christ’s selfless act done in love for everyone who humbles themselves and acknowledges their need for forgiveness from sin.  May we all accept the gift that Christ has provided for each of us through His pain and suffering for us. As Jesus Christ rose in glory from the dead, fulfilling Scripture, those who accept Christ’s sacrifice for their sins and believe in His power will receive His promise of eternal life!

This Easter let us all celebrate the true peace and comfort found through trusting in our Lord who loves each of us and is in total control of the situation. He’s got this, and He will direct our actions, thoughts, and prayers — if we let Him.  Our God who mighty, loving and infallible is allowing this virus, so He has a plan. We just need to sit back trust in God and let His plans unfold.

Each of us who accept Christ’s gift of salvation, can be calm and secure knowing no earthly force, and surely no pandemic virus, can separate us from our destiny of glory in Heaven.

Warmest Regards,