Easter Message From Our President (April 2015) Back Easter Message From Our President (April 2015)

This Sunday, for many, brings the significant annual celebration of Easter.

As we look around our cities, country and the world, there are ongoing events that give cause for great concern and worry. Events and actions by leaders and radical individuals that defy logic and can easily give one a sense of fear and despair. I also know that today, many of us face trials in our personal lives – I know of many situations with colleges and friends that pull at my heart strings and stimulate feelings of both anger and sympathy.

As Easter approaches, I reflect on my faith and the fact that we’re all here for a specific purpose in each-others’ lives. Life is never perfect; there are seasons that bring troubling times, but these seasons are also opportunities for personal growth! We have a God and Creator who is intimately aware of each and every concern of our hearts. No leader is granted power that is not a part of His plan. No trial is faced that is not allowed for a reason. We can certainly be comforted by our faith, and rely on His words through scripture, which assure us that all things are woven together for the ultimate good of those who love and trust in Him!

At ACCU-FAB, we have faced a few trials recently, but have also continued to be extremely blessed. As we weathered through a brief downturn in business, I’ve seen answers to our prayers for prosperity. Our continuous prayer has been to maintain the ability, as a company and management team, to provide for our employees’ well-being and to maintain a strong and prosperous business. We pray for wisdom to both effectively manage through challenging times and manage the rewards of success. We recognize and continually give thanks that our prayers do not go unanswered!

Many of our customers probably do not realize that their favor shown to our company has in-turn been the answer to many, many prayers. We deeply desire to be a valued business partners to our customers, and strive to develop long lasting, mutually fulfilling business relationships. We also always endeavor to never take for granted the blessing of each opportunity we’re given to serve our customers. We thank each of our business partners – associates, suppliers and customers – for their continued support and favor. Each of you play an important role in the mission that we all have in business – growing commerce, building relationships with one another, and contributing to our various communities, both locally and globally.

I hope you all find a moment over this Easter Holiday to reflect on the blessings in your own lives and the opportunity we have to place our faith in the life of Jesus that is celebrated during this season. We THANK YOU and give thanks and honor to the living God we serve.

Gregory W. Page