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Longing for a Resurrection?

crossThese days, many of us long for a resurrection. In the modern market, many businesses desire a resurrection of opportunities for sales, growth, and profits. In our personal lives, many of us seek a resurrection in our income, job benefits, home value, or possibly in a damaged relationship or ailing health.

As Easter approaches, it is comforting to know that Christ’s resurrection 2000 years ago from his sacrificial death on a cross—is the ultimate “resurrection” longed for by the spirit of all mankind. This sacrifice we celebrate each year has already provided eternal life for those who have put their faith and trust in Christ.

A simple personal confession and acceptance of Christ’s sacrifice for our sins is a phenomenal act that can extinguish the longing and disappointments we experience in life daily. The peace that accompanies a personal relationship with our creator through Christ comforts believers through the deepest trials of life. I hope that you have or will find this eternal peace in your life—a peace that eclipses the troubles of your heart.

On behalf of myself and the staff at Accu-Fab—I pray you have a safe and enjoyable Easter Holiday!

Gregory W. Page, President