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ACCU-FAB takes a proactive role with our customers in assisting with manufacturability analysis on VAVE (Value Analysis/Value Engineering) projects from new product introduction to legacy production. Close attention to detail when it comes to cost, manufacturability, functionality, and reliability enables our engineers to provide value-add feedback and suggestions for process improvements.

Cost reduction activities are ongoing at our facility, but we also play an active role in many of our customer’s VAVE  initiatives. Whether there are market demands for cost reductions or concerns about quality and/or reliability, our engineers can assist with developing manufacturing strategies or determining the root cause of product/process concerns.

New Product Introduction (NPI) is another area of both manufacturing and engineering expertise at ACCU-FAB. We leverage our engineering and technology resources to provide exceptional service to our customers helping them meet their market demands for rapid design, prototype development, and process validation.

Our goal is to be a valued business partner to all our customers by providing “engineering value” from product concept to the final part produced!