FDA-Approved Military/Medical Production (June 2014) Back FDA-Approved Military/Medical Production (June 2014)

croc1ACCU-FAB recently collaborated with Combat Medical Systems to produce the first combat-ready tourniquet clamp of its kind. Known as the CROC assembly, this device is designed to provide life-saving, bidirectional pressure where needed to prevent blood loss from an extremity wound that would not be responsive to a conventional tourniquet apparatus.

The CROC is lightweight, durable, collapsible and can be assembled and applied in a combat situation in less than one minute. ACCU-FAB is honored to be a part of supplying such a life-saving product which will ensure our soldiers who are wounded in battle are able to return home.

In conjunction with this project ACCU-FAB applied for and received FDA approval for the manufacturing of medical devices, further expanding our array of industry certifications.