Fire Training…”It’s Kind of a Big Deal” (January 2023) Back Fire Training…”It’s Kind of a Big Deal” (January 2023)

At times we tend to overlook all of the aspects of our work and personal life and act as though we are running on “autopilot”.  This mindset where you think you can depend on past experiences or muscle memory will get you in trouble when immediate and focused performance is required.

We understand that being on the plant floor, or even behind a desk, day in and day out can hinder one’s awareness and attention to detail. That is one reason Accu-Fab takes a proactive approach to various types training for important activities.

For example, it is very likely that the last thing someone thinks about when arriving at work each day is the possibility of a fire breaking out at their workplace.  Fortunately for Accu-Fab, we have a great group of individuals who are ready to take on the responsibility to keep everyone safe if a fire ever were to occur.  Check out our team in action below during our recurring fire safety training course, as they learn and re-train in the fundamentals and advanced techniques of managing such and emergency.

This is just one many of many examples of our proactive training approach to help our employees be their best selves!