Going Green with Paperless Documentation System (July 2016) Back Going Green with Paperless Documentation System (July 2016)

2Q 2016 marked an ACCU-FAB technology milestone when over 25 kiosks were rolled-out to the production floor beginning the initial  implementation launch of our new Paperless Manufacturing Program.  While deploying our mean green wireless workstations throughout the plant, we thought it would be fitting to coin a new acronym; “…which is exactly what our industry needs.”

P-D-S was the acronym established to reference  Accu-Fab’s new “Paperless Documentation System”.

The innovative idea for this new system was first planted by a few production team leaders during one of Accu-Fab’s kaizen events about 2 years ago.  After careful evaluation and thorough planning, ACCU-FAB began investing in the PDS Migration Project. ACCU-FAB’s PDS is replacing the existing paper-based manufacturing system of routers, hardcopy prints and work instructions.  Our new wireless kiosk infrastructure and centralized data control platform is automating data communication, strengthening data accuracy and control, and ultimately, improving internal communications and collaboration.

Now, ACCU-FAB’s 150 production employees have direct access to all the necessary revision controlled manufacturing files.  Router sequences, BOM’s, quality control documents, work instructions, CNC machine program files, Laser inspection files, etc. can all be accessed through this new kiosk network.  Manufacturing data will also be uploaded utilizing the localized kiosks – recording production inspection data, yields, and material and labor consumption to maintain a history of activities associated with each unique process, production lot and product.  This system will also be used as a communication dashboard to disseminate important metrics & information throughout the plant floor.

Paperless Documentation Kiosks for ManufacturingOrganizationally, ACCU-FAB is committed to continuous improvement utilizing lean processes and procedures to implement change throughout our state of the art manufacturing facilities. ACCU-FAB’s team members proactively meet market demands by driving towards manufacturing best practices to establish a viable competitive position in both domestic and global market places.  If you have not had the opportunity to visit our facilities, please contact us to coordinate a time to review how we can bring value to your supply chain.

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