Going Paperless on Our Plant Floor ( October 2019) Back Going Paperless on Our Plant Floor ( October 2019)

In an effort to reduce waste as well as improve efficiency, we have implemented a proprietary Paperless Documentation System. This will provide real-time information via information terminals placed in each work station throughout the plant.  Fully implemented, each employee can both view and report consolidated key business metrics company-wide through this online system, to include

  • Business Profitability & Revenue Goals, Projections and Real-time Performance
  • Work Order/Router Information and Component/Process Specifications
  • Floor Labor Reporting and Operator Efficiency
  • Quality Reporting and Performance Metrics
  • Internal Engineering Change Activity
  • Continuous improvement Activity
  • Internal Activities scheduled
  • MSDS & Safety reporting
  • AFI news of Interest
  • New Job postings








In summary, our new PDS initiative accomplishes the following business objectives;

  • The removal of the majority of paper documents and flow of paper on the manufacturing shop floor
  • Provide and collect immediate up-to date critical business information in real-time
  • Provide access to, and the collection of, valuable business information to all employees.