Investments in Value Streams and Machinery (June 2020) Back Investments in Value Streams and Machinery (June 2020)

Custom Value Stream Capabilities
Lean value stream design and customization is one of Accu-Fab’s specialties. By thinking of unique and creative ways to improve the manufacturing and assembly of goods, we are able to continue to deliver high quality parts at an ever faster rate. We enjoy our customer partnerships that allow us to collaborate with our customers’ teams to find the best ways to solve complex problems. If you are looking for a progressive Lean thinking supply chain partner…. Look no further!  Contact our sales team to learn more about Accu-Fab’s engineering, manufacturing, returnable packaging and supply chain logistic capabilities!

(Custom rotating tables produced onsite to improve assembly productivity) 

Expanded Machining Operations
Accu-Fab’s is  constantly reinvesting and expanding capabilities to ensure we remain competitive and relevant in today’s marketplace. Recently, Accu-Fab added this HAAS ST30SSY CNC Lathe to our shop to further expand our high speed turning capabilities. Please remember to leverage our ever expanding machining capabilities when selecting partners for your next manufacturing project! 

“Fan-Tastic” Working Environment
Maintaining the best possible work environment helps to create a stronger sense of teamwork and ultimately effects the quality of our products we produce. While the majority of our manufacturing environment is air conditioned, we installed industrial overhead and wall exhaust fans throughout our turret punch/ laser department, to increase workplace airflow and dramatically reduce the summer heat’s effect on the department’s ambient temperature. Our operators love the new ventilation system and we would love for you to come by for a tour and “feel the breeze”.