Keeping Environmental, Industrial Health and Safety in Focus! (MAY 2023) Back Keeping Environmental, Industrial Health and Safety in Focus! (MAY 2023)

The health and safety of our workers is our number one goal at Accu-Fab. Our ISO 14001 environmental compliant practices dictate we maintain all the necessary policies and procedures to guide our business daily, ensuring safe and environmentally responsible operations; this drives the utmost health and safety for our associate.

We make sure our workers and leadership are knowledgeable and focused on maintaining a safe working environment.  Just some of the initiatives you will observe when touring our facilities include;

  • Correct use of Personal Protection Equipment
  • Caution lights on forklifts
  • Mirrors around our facility for higher visibility in traffic areas
  • Thorough onsite training for employees

Another example of a fun initiative we have in place at Accu-Fab is “Safety Bingo”! This exercise rewards our team for keeping a safe environment. Every employee is issued a Bingo card and each week a new number is pulled and posted on our plant Bingo Board.  The reward money continues to increase if there are no lost time accidents within the facility.  A lost time injury occurrence ends the competition and the accruing award amount.  We are proud to say that our facility currently has been operating 836 days without a lost time accident!! At Accu-Fab we know it takes everyone’s focus to keep a safe working environment and this has been a great way to help grab the attention of our team to ultimately work hard to stay safe!

We are also excited to announce Accu-Fab’s recent recognition on Industry Award Day, by the City of Raleigh, for the 2022 Industrial Pretreatment Award for Excellence in Environmental Stewardship.
Accu-Fab recognizes Sonya Walsh for her hard work and dedication to Environmental Health and Industrial Safety.
Sonya is our Industrial Health, Safety and Environmental officer and has done a tremendous job leading our environmental compliance and safety initiative and ensuring our workers have a safe and healthy work environment.
Her diligence was instrumental to Accu-Fab being recognized for this Award!   Thank you, Sonya, for all you do!