Keeping our Corporate Mission in Focus (MARCH 2023) Back Keeping our Corporate Mission in Focus (MARCH 2023)

Corporate Mission:
“Accu-Fab’s executive management is committed to operating a profitable business for the glory of God”.

Corporate Priorities:

  • Share God’s message of salvation and our belief in the life and teachings of Jesus Christ through our actions in the workplace.
  • Treat our customers and suppliers with integrity, love, and respect while satisfying their business needs.
  • Support and minister to the needs of all employees by helping them grow both professionally and spiritually in a secure work environment.

Operating for over 50 years on a foundation of biblical Christian principles, Accu-Fab truly views each employee as part of its extended family.  Our corporate mission statement and operational priorities above, align with our desire to not only serve our valued customers but to also express our commitment to serve our employees. One of our priorities, to “Support and minister to the needs of all employees….”; articulates our desire to assist and provide each employee with individual opportunities for personal, physical, professional, and spiritual growth.  To that end, Accu-Fab endeavors to serve our employees in many ways. Physical fitness is a passion at Accu-Fab which is why we provide an on-site gym, physical fitness program and access to a full-time personal fitness trainer to all our employees.  We also employ an on-site Corporate Champlain who is available 24/7 to council and minister to the personal needs of each employee and their families.

Additionally, one of the many growth opportunities Accu-Fab offers our employees is the option to attend a weekly Bible Study during lunchtime. Being a privately held, Christian organization; Accu-Fab finds tremendous value in providing employees the opportunity to meet in a voluntary environment, study the bible together and provide an outlet to express and grow in their faith. During this weekly time of fellowship, learning and worship, we provide a catered lunch for all participants. We recognize when employees come together outside of their daily interactions and connect on a spiritual level, they build healthy relationships within our workplace environment and create an even stronger work culture for all.

We appreciate the overwhelmingly positive traction that these employee programs have received by our awesome team at Accu-Fab!