Lean Principles Offer Competitive Advantage Back Lean Principles Offer Competitive Advantage

Regardless of the stage of economic recovery your company finds itself in, a single lasting challenge of the recession is maintaining lean operations. Lean manufacturing, along with Six Sigma principles and ISO quality management systems, can help you become a triple threat to the competition.

Whether your company has officially adopted these principles or simply finds the concepts in line with core values, selecting vendor partners that think along the same lines can reduce waste and add value through exercising the principles inherent to lean manufacturing.

Consider the additional business benefits that set you apart from competitors with:

  • Rapid response to fluctuating demand
  • Predictable delivery performance
  • Fewer production mistakes
  • Faster response to customer customization needs
  • Reduced time-to-market for new products

Learn more in the briefing Lean, Six Sigma, and ISO – The Supply Chain Trio of Benefits.

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