Leveraging Social Media in Business (June 2014) Back Leveraging Social Media in Business (June 2014)

It is impossible to ignore the dramatic impact that social media networks are having on today’s virtual business environment. Facebook and YouTube are leading social networks which are easily accessible, free to join, and very user friendly. It is no secret that social media sites are powerful CRM and marketing tools, but how should procurement managers leverage social media for their sourcing decisions?

Facebook and YouTube can be valuable resources for researching a company’s reputation and capabilities. Information can be found to help determine whether a particular supplier is the one for you. Many companies have applied social media programs to facilitate effective client interactions, providing customers with direct connection to the experts. The pages of these social media sites are excellent tools for visually acquainting yourself with suppliers’ employees and manufacturing facilities. These sites hold thousands of visual examples showcasing exciting developments and technical capabilities that might be exactly what you’re looking for.

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We think social media is getting people excited about manufacturing in the United States. If you have yet to leverage these tools, here’s a chance to get started with Accu-Fab, Inc.

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