Lowering Manufacturing Cost with Robotic Welding Back Lowering Manufacturing Cost with Robotic Welding

Though robots were first introduced into US industry during the 1960s, robotic welding is a relatively new application of industrial robotics.

The use of robots for welding did not take off until the 1980s, when the automotive industry began using robots extensively for spot welding. Since then, both the number of robots used in industry and the number of their applications has grown significantly. By 2005, more than 120,000 robots were in use in North American industry, about half of them for welding.

Growth in robotic welding technology, however, is often limited by high capital equipment, programming, and tooling expense. This up-front cost has tended to restrict the use of robotic welding to high-production applications.

Accu-Fab, Inc. has spent considerable time and resources streamlining the robotic welding process. We have reduced the project start up expense typically incurred by developing more efficient programming techniques and internal resources for the design and construction of robotic fixtures.

To learn more about Accu-Fab’s robotic capabilities for large frame and rack assemblies, click here: Accu-Fab Knows Frame and Rack Assemblies.

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