MASTERMINDS Behind the Scenes (NOVEMBER 2022) Back MASTERMINDS Behind the Scenes (NOVEMBER 2022)

Accu-Fab’s team of Engineers are involved in all aspects of our operations. Anything from design collaboration, initial RFQ, estimating, new part introductions, engineering changes, machine programming and everything in between is fair game for them. These guys are literally Masterminds at metal fabrication product and process design.
When it comes to innovative projects for new and existing partners, we love to get involved at the beginning of the design process, or what we call the “napkin stage”. When assisting our customers with their product design projects; our engineers excel at identifying opportunities to eliminate waste and reduce cost. Whether you are designing a simple parts or complex assemblies, our team prides ourselves in recognizing inefficiencies and developing solutions to drive prices down before the product is ever introduced into production.
Ready to send us a project? We would be honored to collaborate with your design team!