Memorial Day Visit From Our Troops (June 2015) Back Memorial Day Visit From Our Troops (June 2015)

In honor of Memorial Day, Accu-Fab hosted some elite members of the US ARMY XVII Airborne division, located at Fort Bragg. While most in attendance expected the occasion would be catered solely to our Military guests, Our President Gregg Page had something else up his sleeve!

During the Soldier Appreciation Luncheon, Mr. Page took the time to pay homage to another brave soldier, one of Accu-Fab’s very own: Mr. Toya Rcom.

Before Toya loyally served Accu-Fab for 15 years, he was serving this great country long before that. Toya is a Native of South Vietnam, a decorated Veteran of the Vietnam War, serving 9 years with the US ARMY Special Forces in Vietnam.

Following the fall of Saigon in 1975, Toya was imprisoned for 6 years as a POW captive in North Vietnam, before being released, provided asylum and citizenship in the United States. He is such a remarkable man, with a remarkable story.

On behalf of the Accu-Fab team, we would like to personally thank Toya for his service to our Company and our Nation. Congratulations on your retirement Toya, the Accu-Fab family is going to miss you!

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Above Left: The Accu-Fab Salesforce with the Elite group of Leadership from the US ARMY XVII Airborne as well as the NC State CSM (far left).
Above Right: Accu-Fab’s very own Toya Rcom – he was honored for his 15 years of service to Accu-Fab, and also his service to the US ARMY special forces.