Christmas Message from Our President (December 2016) Back Christmas Message from Our President (December 2016)

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To Our Valued Customers, Suppliers, Friends & Employees:

2016 has been an interesting year around the world, especially in social and political circles here at home.  We have observed some rather unusual events this past year.  Like me, I’m sure you’ve turned on the TV or opened your computer in the evening to quietly wonder, “what in the world will happen next”.  As I write these words, I’m optimistic that America will pull together to overcome the divisiveness we’ve observed across political, religious, social, and racial lines.  I’m sure you long to see a spirit of understanding and cooperation replace the divisive attitudes we’ve seen exhibited. 

In business, this past year our experience has been ever-changing and uncertain.  Dramatic swings (up and down) in raw material prices and customer order volumes have had our team in a constant state of action. “What if” fire drills, seemingly endless new product development activities and desperate demands for immediate product deliveries – appear to be the new business norm.  Everyone here at Accu-Fab will certainly tell you there was never a dull moment during 2016!
However, there’s comfort just in knowing that we now approach a Season of Peace.  For the Christian, this season is a special time to celebrate the Prince of Peace, Jesus.  The Son of God who was born, then crucified; and lives today to comfort and council those who believe in the form of the Holy Spirit.  While we all are in some way unnerved by many events and experiences this past year, it is also comforting to know that our time spent worrying is just a dot on the continuum of time.  We can be comforted in the knowledge that most of these events and our experiences will be of little significance in the months and years to come. 

So, for many, it’s comforting to stop and place into perspective those things in life that remain significant.  Family and Faith are in the forefront of many activities this time of year.  While for some, this may add to the anxiety of life; Christ offers comfort that transcends every woe. As Christians, we celebrate the birth of a Savior. We stop to recognize the real insignificance of issues that we lamented over continuously this past year.

For everyone receiving this message, I’m praying that a real and passionate sense of peace be experienced by each of you this season.  If you do not know the Prince of Peace personally and have not experienced the blessing of knowing, without question, that your future is secure; then I pray that this season would be the ordained time that you experience the saving power and comfort of accepting Christ as your Savior.

For a child was born to us, a son has been given.  Because God so loves us, he gave his only begotten Son; to live among us, to teach us, but also that He would experience a terrible execution as a sacrifice for our sin.  So, that whoever believes in Him and accepts His punishment  for their own sin; shall not perish, but shall have eternal life!

Merry Christmas to One and All!