Moving Forward with Lean Initiatives (July 2013) Back Moving Forward with Lean Initiatives (July 2013)

Eric Smith recently joined the Accu-Fab team to lead our process engineering efforts. Eric came to us from the Flextronics Creedmoor, NC facility, where he worked as an ME focused on continuous improvement and lean activities for their Red Box manufacturing line. Now leading our lean implementation efforts, in collaboration with the engineers and the operators here at Accu-Fab, Eric has been instrumental in driving positive change within our manufacturing facility.eric

We recognize some of the main components and benefits of executing lean principles with in our organization is flexibility and mobility. A great example of Eric’s leadership and application of lean methodologies can be seen in our facility through innovatively-designed ergonomic carts. The mobility of carts improves material flow by illuminating the time required to get a forklift to move materials and/or processing equipment. Expanding our use of carts has improved manufacturing mobility while drastically reduced the unnecessary waste of move time and the possibility of damages.

Eric’s methods for leading the improvement process encourages teamwork and allows the operators to have input with respect to their work environment. Allowing operators to identify their problems and communicate ideas facilities lasting solutions that increase efficiency and safety. By collaborating, we more quickly discover problem areas, address the root cause, develop solutions, and increase productivity. Accu-Fab recognizes Eric for his leadership and efforts in driving our company’s lean initiatives!