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ACCU-FAB, INC. is excited to announce the launch of our new website!  With our customers’ needs guiding the site’s modern design and content, we hope everyone will find each page to be a valuable resource.  Equipped with improved navigation, our user-friendly concept will continually showcase the most current information about ACCU-FAB’s products and services. Since we know our wide variety of customers are constantly on-the-go, we also went the extra mile to develop a mobile-friendly platform, easily accessible from cell phones & tablet devices.

In today’s global manufacturing environment, we know it can be difficult to find and choose the right business partners for your organization. So- our goal was to create a site that would supply everything our current business partners, suppliers, potential customers and employees might need to know About ACCU-FAB.  Geared for Supply Chain & Materials Managers, Product Engineers and Program Managers, our new site includes a comprehensive list of our Facilities and Equipment, In-House Tooling, Engineering Services, and makes it quick and easy for you to find and contact the right member of Our Team for any inquiries.

We’d like to invite you to take a minute and check out ACCU-FAB – Browse our product gallery, read some our latest news and announcements, apply to join the ACCU-FAB team, or you can even take a virtual tour of our facility – all from the comfort of your chair.

Now, with a simple mouse-click or screen-tap, you’re one step closer to meeting a contract manufacturing industry-leader.  ACCU-FAB is dedicated to continuous improvement & performance excellence, and growing long-lasting, value-driven business partnerships.


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