Over 5 Years Paperless at Accu-Fab! (June 2022) Back Over 5 Years Paperless at Accu-Fab! (June 2022)

Accu-Fab designed, built and implemented a Paperless Documentation System (PDS) over 5 years ago. Since that time, we could not be more thrilled with the outcome. Accu-Fab’s Paperless Documentation System is a proprietary tool that was created internally to drive a continued high level of control, flow and access of information throughout our plant. From the words of our latest ISO Auditor “The first TRUE paperless system he has seen”.

Like all technology in today’s world, we are consistently updating our system on a weekly basis to drive a maximum level of efficiency. PDS terminals are located and accessible at every workstation around our plant and on all our office workstations, allowing management, administration staff and all manufacturing operators a wide array of tools. In turn, this provides our team the ability to execute, track and record daily operations effortlessly.

The vast network of PDS terminals provides every operator on the manufacturing floor with real-time access to all work orders, controlled drawings, specifications, quality alerts, part locations, part forecasts, part and material inventory, labor time entry, and much more! 

Please continue to tune in as Accu-Fab has more exciting news to share of the things to come in 2022!