Pressing Forward on Our Lean Journey (September 2016) Back Pressing Forward on Our Lean Journey (September 2016)

The road to lean manufacturing excellence is a never-ending journey, but with plenty of rewards along the way! At ACCU-FAB, we encourage intimate involvement with our customers at the inception of each project. Collaboration that begins with design and continues throughout the manufacturing development process yields fantastic results including faster time to market and the opportunity to design cost out on the front-end of a new project launch.

At ACCU-FAB, we expect and encourage our work area personnel to contribute ideas for our Kaizen events so that we have a constant flow of new ideas on ways we can improve our operations.  We’ve noticed that this level of active participation strengthens our atmosphere of teamwork and achievement, empowering employees to constantly strive for improvement as they work to keep ACCU-FAB’s facilities competitive. For example, ACCU-FAB’s management team has received and reviewed over 500 suggestions in their Kaizen suggestion boxes from 140 employees in 2016 to date, which is double from our average in 2015!

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At ACCU-FAB, we are continually improving our manufacturing processes and implementing lean initiatives. Our lean manufacturing procedures allow us to offer shorter lead times and drive cost out which in turn makes our customers’ more competitive in the marketplace. If you are looking for a partnership with a lean manufacturing supplier, look no further!