Quality Equipment, Quality People, Quality Results (March 2011) Back Quality Equipment, Quality People, Quality Results (March 2011)

Accu-Fab is committed to continuous quality improvement. Proof of this commitment can be seen in our investments in quality equipment and quality people.

Augmented by a Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM), a Virtek laser-inspection machine, and an optical comparator, our company has the technology to determine dimensional integrity. Our equipment allows us to perform a complete part analysis using the latest technology to verify parts during the manufacturing cycle for process control, for first piece inspection, during production runs, and first article inspections during new product introduction (NPI).

If quality and dimensional integrity are important for your parts, why not contact Accu-Fab and have the piece of mind of knowing that we can manufacture and verify your parts to conform to your product specifications?GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA

Quality equipment, procedures, and people have always been the hallmark of Accu-Fab. Our manufacturing quality team has a combined total of over 100 years of metalworking and fabrication experience.

Accu-Fab’s Quality Team is involved with engineering product reviews, customer design assistance, NC machine programming, process verifications, and first article certifications.

Lastly our Quality Team ensures complex parts are inspected and verified for dimensional integrity prior to shipment to our customers.


The proof is in the quality results… Quality acceptance levels YTD 2011 average over 99.7%!

At Accu-Fab, we understand that good parts, delivered on time is the way we have to perform in today’s business environment. Our staff is totally committed to achieving the results you need.

Give us a call, and make the move to “good parts: on time, all the time!”