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We welcome your business and would be eager to provide a quote for both new and existing projects. We have an experienced engineering team on-hand with advanced VAVE and NPI capabilities to assist you in your product development regardless of where you are in the product life cycle.

In order to speed up our quoting process we suggest you review our RFQ checklist to ensure we get the appropriate information required to provide you with an accurate/competitive quote in a timely fashion.

RFQ Checklist

A simple email submission to our address with the applicable information attached is just the beginning of a very structured and formal process internally. Your email submission via this address will flow immediately into our project estimating queue to ensure our sales and engineering staff is aware of your request. Your project will then be reviewed and assigned to one of our qualified engineers for processing.

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For complex proposals, your documents can be transferred via our FTP site or other files transfer tools by contacting one of our qualified sales or engineering professional who would be happy to provide personal assistance with the inquiry process.

Joey DeRusso
Direct: 919-212-6400 ext 167

Guy Somers
Engineering Manager
Direct: 919-212-6400 ext 130