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Inquiry Information to Include, Where Applicable:

  • Basic but Detailed Procurement Information
    • Forecasted annual consumption (EAU)
    • Define release schedule, frequency, and desired ship quantities
    • Discrete lot quantities to be purchased or evaluated
  • Special Part Qualification Requirements, I.E.:
    • FAI submission deliverables
    • PPAP deliverables
    • Dimensional inspection report
  • Applicable Technical Specifications
    • Specification documents to support notes on drawings
    • Material specifications: please include vendor and vendor part number for paint and powder materials where possible
    • Specifications unique to your company
    • Specifications for special processes such as welding, plating, or paint
  • Electronic Model Files in STEP or Pro-Engineer (.prt) Format
  • PDF File of Dimensional Drawing Dimensions or Clear and Legible Manufacturing Drawings
  • Note Any Special Tolerance or Technical Requirements
  • Bill-of-Material (BOM) for Assemblies with Description of Any Purchased Parts or Hardware (Component Name Brand, Vendor, and Vendor Part Numbers are Useful)
  • Note of Any Customer-Supplied Material
  • Special Packaging Requirements or Returnable Packaging Designs
    • Transportation instructions
  • Provide Technical and Engineering Contact for Questions Pertaining to Inquiry

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