Supporting Our Super Heroes (September 2015) Back Supporting Our Super Heroes (September 2015)

When you need help, who comes to your aid? The first ones to show up in an emergency; ready to help anyone in need are often modern day super heroes. A group of highly trained, specialized individuals from 911 dispatch, fire service, emergency medical service, search & rescue and other public safety organizations that risk their own safety, making it their duty to protect and aid our citizens 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Accu-Fab is grateful for our First Responders’ dedication, bravery & commitment to our community – Individuals that NC Governor McCrory, accurately describes as “…a vital part of every North Carolina community who maintain safety and order in times of crisis, and volunteer in our towns and schools.”

Officer Hicks & Lisa chatting during the First Responders Appreciation Breakfast. Lisa chatting during the First Responders Appreciation Breakfast.


Recently, Accu-Fab participated as a Corporate Sponsor for a First Responders Appreciation Breakfast held at the North Ridge Country Club in Raleigh, NC. Lisa Componeschi, Accu-Fab’s Human Resources Manager, represented our company at this event and returned to work and shared her personal experience with our team – a heartfelt story we want to share with you!

Officer Daniel Hicks, who was sitting at her table, told her about how he just saved a man from committing suicide by talking him off of a bridge. Officer Hicks responded to the emergency call, calmly approached the man and introduced himself. Once the man was persuaded to come back onto the road, the two shared a big hug that you’ll want to see for yourself! This act of compassion saved a man’s life. The First Responders expressed that they felt our communities’ abundance of gratitude during this special event.