The Latest in Laser Technology (June 2014) Back The Latest in Laser Technology (June 2014)

ACCU-FAB’s 42 years of service to our customers is proof that we understand how to satisfy our customers’ business needs and stay competitive in the marketplace. One key method is through capital investment in advanced manufacturing technology.

One example is our recent procurement and installation of Amada’s latest 4000 watt fiber laser system. Equipped with loading automation, the Amada FOL-AJ has revolutionized laser cutting by delivering unmatched speed, accuracy, and edge quality even in thick plate. With traverse speeds of over 13,000 inches per minute, this laser system cuts processing time in half!

ACCU-FAB is proud to own one of a few of its kind in the Southeast, supplying our customers with the latest in laser technology. If you’re looking for a new supplier that will continually invest in their business, look no further!