The Next Generation of Manufacturing (January 2022) Back The Next Generation of Manufacturing (January 2022)

Everything about manufacturing continues to evolve, including how we foster the next generation of talent. Accu-Fab has made it a priority to invest to maintain manufacturing excellence, which includes investing in our next generation of talent.

Over the past 6 years, Accu-Fab has partnered with the North Carolina Triangle Apprenticeship Program (NCTAP), providing manufacturing apprenticeship training to 9 young apprentices.

Beginning in their junior year of high school, the NCTAP program allows us to employ “future engineers and managers” by “showing them the ropes” of the manufacturing environment.  Over a 5-year program, we provide each apprentice with hands-on experience across practically all of our different manufacturing and administrative departments.
During their senior year of high school, each apprentice is employed to work part time, exploring their passions and learning valuable skills to allow them to see where they fit in.  Our apprentices are able to then use this experience to help them make decisions for their future career path. For approximately 4 years following high school graduation, they are employed to work full time, but also receive financial support and paid leave during this time from Accu-Fab to complete an associate’s/bachelor’s degree in engineering.

Our most recent graduate from our NCTAP Apprentice program, has been with Accu-Fab since June 2017. He recently received his Associate’s Degree in Applied Sciences for Mechanical Engineering Technologies and accepted a permanent position in our engineering department.

Below are pictures from Spencer’s recent NCTAP graduation ceremony.  Congratulations go out to Spencer! And don’t be surprised if you receive an email or two from him in the future!