Wishing You A Very Merry Christmas! (December 2022) Back Wishing You A Very Merry Christmas! (December 2022)

To all our Valued Associates, Customers and Suppliers,

As we move into the Christmas Holiday, we graciously look back and reflect on all the blessings bestowed upon us in 2022. Accu-Fab is blessed to see yet another year of growth and prosperity! We continue to overcome obstacles that come our way daily. As we overcome each of these challenges; we grow stronger, armed with greater knowledge to handle future uncertainty.

As we break into 2023 we are humbled by, and thankful for, the outstanding support of our entire team. Their hard work and dedication are unmatched. Our team makes Accu-Fab special and we could not be prouder of how much we have accomplished together. Furthermore, Accu-Fab would not be where we are today without the support of our valued partners and customers. We are thankful every day for your willingness to collaborate and build such powerful relationships.

Please do not forget what this holiday season is truly about. The true reason we can build deep relationships with one another and with our “Creator” who loves us. In this season, we celebrate the gift of Jesus Christ and His untiring desire to touch our lives. We are thankful for His endless love for every one of us, and His desire to connect and build a personal relationship with us. 

In this world of uncertainty and confusion, Christ is willing to come alongside all believers and cut through the confusion of life.  While we do not know what obstacle, uncertainty or act of insanity will happen next in our world; putting our trust in Jesus is the only sure path to certainty and peace that will cut through all confusion!  Christmas is one of the most opportune times to stop and focus on our lives, which scripture assures us will last into eternity – one way or another! 

From everyone here at Accu-Fab, we wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and pray that you have a wonderful New Year! We look forward to working together in 2023!

If you find yourself confused about matters of this world and maybe even Christ’ personal call to trust Him; I encourage you to view this Christmas Message and allow me to expand on, from a spiritual perspectives, the challenges we find ourselves facing today.